Everyone has different dietary needs, and Kim will figure out what makes each person tick. Some people need more grains, while others need more protein in their diets. There are gluten-free and dairy-free diets out there, but Kim doesn’t believe those are best for everybody either.

She’ll get a sense of where each person wants to go with the various services. What are the goals? To lose weight? Do you want to eat better? Are you looking for assessments to find out exactly what you need?

Kim can help you with all of it. She wants her clients to know that she’s different than others out there.

“I’ve gone to school in this stuff,” Kim said. “It’s not something that I’m doing to pick up extra money for supplements.”

More than a number

So many people want to lose weight, which is all fine and good, but there’s more to it than that. Kim focuses on health and normalized eating.

“You’re not a number,” Kim says. “You’re not a number on the scale. That shouldn’t define who you are.

“But that’s what people want. They want the number. And then they get frustrated when they don’t.”

With all that frustration, that’s where Kim comes in to help. She’s there with her coaching and encouragement about the good things that have already happened with each client, even if that elusive number isn’t where they want to be. She encourages people to focus on their accomplishments and avoid putting all their eggs “in the pounds basket.”

“That shouldn’t define who you are,” she said.

She offers help with self esteem, encouragement, coaching and overall support through whatever path you’re traveling.

Ideal clients

Maybe you’re not sure if Fox Nutrition & Diabetes can help you. Here are a few examples of client traits in which Kim Fox can address and offer solutions. Do any of these apply to you?

  • Middle-aged, educated woman with the financial resources for Fox Nutrition & Diabetes Services

  • Someone who cannot or does not exercise much because of bad hips, knees, back, heart, etc. It can physically hurt to exercise and/or that person is afraid he or she might hurt him or herself when exercising

  • It’s faster and easier to eat junk or processed foods than to prepare healthier meals for just one or two people

  • The general mindset that financial limitations get to the root cause of health issues, high insurance deductibles, eating healthy or joining a health club can be expensive

  • Figuring things out on your own – a lack of support

  • Frustrated with weight, health issues, exercising and eating right but not seeing any results, so “what that hell am I doing this for anyway?” Or maybe your clothes don’t fit, you’re wearing bigger shirts to hide a protruding belly

  • Embarrassed by what you see in the mirror, people don’t want a spouse to see them without clothes on, getting undressed in the dark or changing in private

  • “What’s the use? Nothing I’ve tried works anyway.”

  • Mentally, you don’t feel old or that you are slowing down as you get into your 50s+, but it’s frustrating when the body isn’t cooperating with the mindset. You don’t feel as big as you see yourself in photos

  • People are looking for the quick fix – the miracle cure, product or pill

  • A lack of knowledge when it comes to what to eat, proper portion size or meal planning

  • Tired or trying. “What’s the point?”

  • Don’t want photos taken because of your size

  • Body is changing because of menopause – have little or no control of what is happening

  • Wondering if you are still attractive to your spouse

More about Kim Fox

Kim is a registered and licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator with a degree in dietetics from South Dakota State University. She’s worked in several hospitals as an inpatient and outpatient dietitian, served as a nutrition consultant to skilled nursing facilities, as well as a hospice and home health care agency. She’s also worked with group homes for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

​​Kim Fox doesn't take the cookie-cutter approach to nutrition and weight loss.

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