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Minnesota Nutrition & Diabetes Services

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​​Kim Fox doesn't take the cookie-cutter approach to nutrition and weight loss.

​​Welcome to Fox Nutrition & Diabetes Services

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So, you’re a middle-aged woman who’s tried all kinds of diets, maybe some of the latest exercise trends.

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Having diabetes can be scary, frustrating, time-consuming, unfair, challenging. It’s a disease that’s always there--a constant reminder of the need to manage it and the possible consequences if you don’t. And even when you get things all figured out, in time things change, and it may be back to square one.

Whether you were just diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for years you may be.

  • unsure how to take the education received from your physician, educator or class to make it
    work for you?

  • desiring understanding, support and assurance that you are doing things correctly from someone that can relate to your struggles and challenges?

  • needing help with meal-planning so you eat the right amount of the proper foods?

  • looking for someone to evaluate your blood glucose levels when things go out of whack?

  • wanting someone to be there when you have a question or are unsure how to handle something when it arises?

  • wanting someone to listen to your frustrations and help you develop a plan to get back on track?

  • want to lose weight and improve other areas of your health but can’t do it on your own?

  • tired of your provider being unhappy with your blood glucose and other lab results?

  • frustrated with your spouse, family members and friends telling you what you can and can’t eat?

  • want to reduce or get off some of your medications

If you answered YES to any of these questions, a Diabetes Assessment may be just what you need.

  • Examines the frequency and timing of blood glucose testing and your numbers

  • Examines low blood occurrences and treatment

  • Reviews injection site location and rotation for those on Insulin

  • Reviews your physical activity

  • Evaluates your diabetes medications for dosage, timing and need, in relation to your
    blood glucose control

  • Reviews what you typically eat and the timing of your meals

  • Evaluates behaviors that may be sabotaging your blood glucose levels

  • Promotes goal development

  • Determines how to move forward with your goal(s) or need for future assistance