Lifestyle Evaluation

Weight Management

Lifestyle Patterns Evaluation

Weight management involves far more than eating less and exercising more. Often times there are behaviors sabotaging one’s efforts that they aren’t even aware of regarding food, activity, mindset and behaviors.  Now there’s a way to find out the underlying behaviors you may have and put an end to them for good!

What is a Lifestyle Patterns Evaluation?
A lifestyle patterns evaluation reviews your health triad of eating, activity and behavior tendencies, providing feedback in each area accessed. You will discover the areas you are doing great at and areas that require improvement in order to obtain success.

How does the evaluation work?
You will receive your lifestyle patterns quiz electronically. Upon completion of your quiz, return your form via email or mail for a findings review.

Your assessment will be evaluated and the findings discussed over a 30-minute phone consultation which will be scheduled in advance.

Further questioning determines if the quiz assessment truly identifies your area(s) of struggle.

One strategy will be provided to help you get started.