Metabolism Testing

Weight Management

What is metabolism?

​​                          Food provides the body with energy in the form of calories. Metabolism is the process of changing food into                               energy. Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the amount of energy your body needs to function at rest,                                       expressed as calories per day. This accounts for about 60 to 70 percent of calories burned per day to keep the                             heart, lungs and kidneys functioning and body temperature stabilized. RMR can vary significantly from person to person, even between two people of the same age, gender, height and weight.

Who should have their metabolism tested?

  • Anyone who wants to know his or her ideal calorie level for weight loss or weight management

  • Anyone starting a weight management or workout program

  • Anyone who is halfway through a weight management program

  • Anyone who has reached a weight plateau

  • Anyone who has stopped making progress, even though he or she is doing everything “right”

  • Anyone interested in knowing how to fuel his or her body for optimum health

  • Anyone frustrated with his or her weight loss efforts

  • A teen or adult athlete who wants to be at his or her peak performance

How does metabolism testing work?

Metabolism testing measures your RMR. As oxygen is required for this process, metabolism testing measures the amount of oxygen the body uses, which translates into the exact number of calories needed for weight maintenance or weight loss so there is no more guessing at the calorie level you think you should have. Testing your metabolism is safe, easy, accurate and takes about 10 minutes. The test involves wearing a mask or metabreather which captures the amount of oxygen you typically expel.