Nutrition Assessment

A nutrition assessment evaluates your health triad of eating, activity and behavior tendencies, providing feedback in each area accessed. You will discover what areas you have success and what areas you may need to improve.

We’ll evaluate your assessment and discuss it with you over a 30-minute phone consultation, scheduled
in advance.

  • We will review what you typically eat and the timing of your meals

  • Evaluate your nutritional intake to determine excess or deficient nutrient intake

  • Evaluate behaviors that may be sabotaging your health or weight management success

  • Review your physical activity

  • Help develop personal goals

  • Determine how to move forward with your goals

Couples Nutrition Assessment and Consultation

Do you ever wish you and your spouse were on the same page when it came to food choices, meal planning, grocery shopping and health? Do you ever wonder why your spouse makes the choices he or she does? 

  • Calorie needs

  • Realistic goal weights

  • Appropriate number of servings from each food group

  • Appropriate portion sizes

  • Meal timing and food options for meals and snacks to maximize energy and obtain health goals

  • Solutions to overcome behavioral and activity obstacles

  • Goal development

  • Grocery shopping ideas

  • Help with meal planning

We will tailor a food plan to your likes, preferences, and habits?


Your food choices each day affect your health — how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future.